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Updated on 15 януари 2022, 12:06

Най-добрите компании за услуги за Безплатен Wordpress хостинг за 2022

Free WordPress hosting can be found at wordpress.com while the wordpress.org domain is used to publish the developer community information for the CMS codebase via Automattic. Other web hosting companies offer free WordPress CMS support by default on all plans through cPanel & "one click" installers like Softaculous and Fantastico. Note that these shared Linux plans with unlimited domain name support for WordPress still cost around $3+ per month at a minimum.
Free WordPress hosting is more common for users who only need to blog or post on a subdomain of another brand. To find a free cPanel web hosting company or shared Linux server is possible under a number of special promotions and SaaS business plans. If the web hosting project involves public service or non-profit groups, developers can contact a web hosting company directly to request free hardware.

  • Mia Kardos
    "cheaper yet reliable service"
  • 2
    Връщане на сума 45 дни
    Безплатен домейн
    Starting Price
    0,00 лв. / mo
    1 hosting plan
    99%Време на работа без прекъсване
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    clayton andrade magaton
    "serviço de qualidade"
    "Flaunt7 Scam Hosting Company"
  • Ali Darmawan
    "Best Company"
  • 5
    Връщане на сума По всяко време
    Безплатен домейн
    Starting Price
    0,00 лв. / mo
    4 Хостинг планове
    5 Data Centers
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    goust thompson
    "Good hosting service"
  • 6
    Premium RDP
    Връщане на сума 1 ден
    Експертен преглед
    Starting Price
    0,00 лв. / mo
    1 hosting plan
    150 Data Centers
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    Abu Usmani
    "good speed"

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