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Updated on 17 май 2022, 15:38

Най-добрите компании за услуги за WordPress хостинг с HDD за 2022

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world and is used to create around 25% of the total number of websites published online today. The main reason WordPress is popular is the vast open source community of development that occurs on the platform making thousands of free themes, plugins, and extensions available to extend functionality. Small businesses and independent web publishers can use WordPress to disrupt markets with ecommerce or sales & marketing campaigns.
WordPress has a variety of distributions available of which BuddyPress is the most popular for social networking. Managed WordPress hosting plans have become extremely popular by providing faster pageload speeds through better caching and running WordPress with Nginx, Varnish Cache, PHP 7, HHVM, Memcached, etc. on cloud platforms. Many web hosting companies are active contributors to the WordPress code base and have inside knowledge on best practices for the CMS.
Wordpress Hosting Guide

  • John Deen Kevin
    "101% Fraud Companyy"
  • 22
    MyServerPlanet Ltd
    Връщане на сума 3 дни
    Безплатен домейн
    Starting Price
    7,35 лв. / mo
    16 Хостинг планове
    9 Data Centers
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    Antonio Aranjuez
    "I've been since the end of August"
  • Soriana Art
    "they control your account and they can ask you to go anytime they want"
  • 24
    Връщане на сума 45 дни
    Безплатен домейн
    Starting Price
    2,61 лв. / mo
    3 Хостинг планове
    99%Време на работа без прекъсване
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    "Ideal to begin"
  • 25
    Връщане на сума 30 дни
    Безплатен домейн
    Starting Price
    9,79 лв. / mo
    1 hosting plan
    1 Data Centers
    99.9%Време на работа без прекъсване
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    Flavio Guionneau
    "Meilleure plateforme"
  • alami ayoub
    "didn't want to refund me"

More Wordpress-hosting Providers

  • 12 Data Centers
    Награди от ProHoster
    Starting Price
    2,44 лв./ mo
    56Хостинг планове
    Евгений Архангельский
    "Надежность и скорость"
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  • 5 Data Centers
    99.9%Време на работа без прекъсване
    Награди от MilesWeb
    Starting Price
    5,64 лв./ mo
    50Хостинг планове
    Pankaj Raturi
    "Good service"
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  • 3 Data Centers
    Награди от Sered
    Starting Price
    6,86 лв./ mo
    35Хостинг планове
    Gustavo Enrique Ochoa Guerra
    "asistencia rápida y eficaz"
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