Web Hosting Price: Comparison of Top 20 Web Hosting Providers

Web Hosting Pricing: Comparison of Top Web Hosting Providers For 2023

The average price for shared web hosting is between $1.49 and $15 per month, while dedicated web hosting is more expensive, ranging  between $20 and $700 per month. Also, WordPress hosting starts at $3, VPS hosting costs $5 to $120, and Cloud web hosting starts at $4.99.

Web hosting is an umbrella term that covers the different hosting services to power your website’s performance on the internet. The price you pay to host a website will determine the amount of storage space to store your website’s files on the server. Small businesses share a single server with other users, while companies require multiple web servers or a dedicated server.

Variables such as how much each type of hosting will cost, which type of hosting you will need, and the cheapest and best providers determine the web hosting price.

In this post, we will compare the web hosting prices, starting with the cheapest prices offered by different web hosting providers. Our experts have tested dozens of web hosting plans and curated a ranking of the Best Web Hosting Providers.

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Web Hosting Pricing Table – Top Web Hosting Price Comparison

HostCheapest Monthly PriceLength of PlanMonthly SavingMoney-back GuaranteeWebsite
HostArmada$2.49Monthly75%45 Days
Kamatera$4MonthlyX30 Day free trial
ChemiCloud$2.98Monthly70%45 Days
A2 Hosting$2.99Monthly60%30 Days
HostGator$2.75Monthly75%45 Days
Hostinger$2.99Monthly57%30 Days
FastComet$2.49Monthly75%45 Days
Hostens$1.60Monthly60%30 Days
InterServer$2.50Monthly65%30 Days
IONOS$1Monthly90%30 Days
Unique Facts: A good web hosting plan should offer simplicity without compromising the performance and uptime of the website. Shared web hosting is the most affordable plan and is a perfect place to start your web hosting.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Web Hosting

Web hosting pricing has become cheaper and more affordable over the years as a result of the red-hot competition among web hosting providers. However, web hosting services are not equal, and factors like the number of server locations and storage space can determine your choice of a web host.

Some factors that affect the cost of web hosting are the resources you need, the type of web hosting, and the type of website you want to build. Arming yourself with these hosting factors will help you choose a web hosting plan that suits your website needs.

The Type of Web Hosting

The costs of the different types of web hosting can range from less than $2 to hundreds of dollars per month. Each type is tailored to offer certain services and performance levels. Having knowledge of the type of web host you need to get started and understanding what each web hosting can offer can help you make your choice.

Type of Web Hosting

Shared web hosting

Typically costs $1.49 – $15/month.

Shared web hosting is the best place to start your web hosting because it is most affordable for small businesses, portfolios, or personal websites with less traffic or less functional websites. The reason behind its low cost is that the cost of server maintenance is shared among many customers.

Our preferred Shared Hosting Plans by Hostarmada:
Start Dock
Споделен хостинг
4,47 лв. / месец
Web Warp
Споделен хостинг
7,39 лв. / месец
Speed Reaper
Споделен хостинг
8,88 лв. / месец
Показване на всички планове

For Our Best Shared Hosting page

VPS web hosting

Typically costs $5 – $120/month.

VPS (Virtual private server) is one step above-shared hosting. It is the type of hosting that has many of the benefits of a dedicated server environment but shares a single server. This means you will share a single server with fewer websites but get more security, reliability, and performance than shared hosting.

VPS web hosting is mostly recommended for brands that have outgrown shared hosting and any company that needs a reliable and affordable backup environment.

Our preferred VPS Plans by Kamatera:
1 vCPU (Type A, 2667MHz, 1024MB)
7,19 лв. / месец
1 vCPU (Type A, 2667MHz, 2048MB)
10,78 лв. / месец
2 vCPU (Type A, 5333MHz, 2048MB)
21,56 лв. / месец
Показване на всички планове

For Our Best VPS Hosting page

WordPress web hosting

Typically costs $3 – $230/month.

WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting that offers optimized servers and resources like premium plugins for WordPress websites. However, it doesn’t take away the fact that you can host your WordPress website with any web hosting service.

For Our Best WordPress Hosting page

Cloud web hosting

Typically costs $4 – $249.99/month.

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that allows a website to use the resources of multiple servers by splitting a physical server into multiple cloud servers. The cloud servers connect to create a single network to host a website.

It is recommended for online stores or corporate websites that get a lot of traffic. Cloud hosting also keeps the site running if one server is down due to the number of cloud servers available.

Our preferred Cloud Hosting Plans by A2 Hosting:
Launch 1
Cloud хостинг
5,37 лв. / месец
Launch 2
Cloud хостинг
14,36 лв. / месец
Launch 4
Cloud хостинг
17,95 лв. / месец
Показване на всички планове

For Our Best Cloud Hosting page

Dedicated web hosting

Typically costs $20 – $700/month.

Dedicated hosting allows users to rent their own servers. Dedicated hosting plans are arranged based on how powerful your server will be and whether it will be managed by the hosting provider or unmanaged.

Our preferred Dedicated Hosting Plans by Interserver:
Xeon E3-1270v2
Наети сървъри
88,05 лв. / месец
Xeon E3-1230v5
Наети сървъри
106,01 лв. / месец
Xeon E3-1270v6
Наети сървъри
132,97 лв. / месец
Показване на всички планове

For Our Best Dedicated Servers page

 Unique Facts: Depending on the hosting provider, Cloud hosting and VPS can be switched, and you can have Cloud VPS hosting plans. But the web hosting listed above is a good rule of thumb to determine the price of your website hosting.

The type of website and hosting resources

The website you want to build can also affect your hosting price. For instance, a blog website for your business is cheaper to set up than an eCommerce website. Every web hosting provider allocates several resources to your website. In general, the more resources your website has, the higher the price to host your website. The hosting plan might vary from one provider to another, but you need to look for the following resources:

  • SSD Storage: The maximum storage space allocated to your website. The recommended SSD storage for small business websites is 15GB to 35GB, 50GB to 320GB for medium websites, and 80 GB to 640GB for dedicated server users. SSD storage is more popular than HDDs because it is reliable, durable, and offers faster reading speeds.
  • RAM: The short-term memory that holds temporary data to process your site requests, such as when your site’s scripts have to respond to certain website clicks. The number of active processes will reduce the RAM space available. Having more RAM in a server is recommended to carry out the required tasks and improve your server’s performance. Web hosting providers allocate between 2GB to 32GB of RAM depending on the type of plan.
  • Bandwidth: The amount of data your website can transfer to your website visitors at a given time. Insufficient bandwidth can crash your server or reduce the loading time of your web pages. On a shared server, the host might slow down your website due to bandwidth throttling to limit the data transfer on your website to prevent it from shutting down other servers. Website visitors might experience slow loading time as a result, which might increase users’ bounce rate. Some web hosting providers offer “unlimited bandwidth,” while others allocate between 1TB and 10 TB, depending on the type of plan.
  • CPU: The central processing unit that handles all the requests on your website. The higher the CPU cores allocated to your website, the more information it can store and process without affecting your site’s performance. Web hosting providers allocate between 1 CPU core and 64 CPU cores depending on the type of web hosting and the package.


The purpose of a server is to store and transmit your website files and power them over the internet for your website visitors. A web hosting package will provide servers in different data center locations with guaranteed 99.99% uptime, maintenance, automatic backups, and updates.

It is important that you find a reliable service provider to host your website, as downtime is an indirect web hosting price. It will cost more money whenever your website experiences downtime due to a server crash or network error. Before choosing any service provider, consider what others have said about their uptime reliability, as frequent downtime can be costly.


The security of your website should be a top priority to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive customer information. It doesn’t just affect the company’s data but also impacts how customers and visitors trust your brand.

This is true if you are running an eCommerce website; for example, customer information such as a physical address and bank info must be protected from malicious cyber attacks.

Some of the security measures you need to implement and look out for are:

  • Network firewall
  • Web application firewall
  • Brute force protection
  • Malware and virus protection
  • Password protection
  • Secure cloud
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Server monitoring
  • Hotlink protection

Some reliable hosting providers like FastComet and HostArmada include some of these features in their plans. Advanced security features are generally unavailable if you go for cheap or free web hosting.

Extra costs to consider

Web Hosting

Web hosting is only one of the costs of building a website. To create a user-friendly, secure, and easy-to-navigate website, there are extra costs to consider.

Domain name registration

Typically costs $2 to $20/year.

The steps include creating a brandable domain name, finding a registrar, checking the availability, and buying your domain name in the available extension.

Domain name registration also includes additional extras like domain privacy to help protect and keep your name and address from WHOIS public listings.

SSL certificate

Typically costs $60/year.

An SSL certificate is important for any website that asks customers for sensitive information like address and card details for payment. A standard SSL certificate keeps customers’ information secured, enables HTTPS, displays a padlock to make your site trustworthy, and encrypts the connection between the server and browsers. A Premium SSL certificate often comes with a dynamic TrustLogo site seal to convey trust to your customers.

Microsoft 365

Typically costs $12.50/month.

Microsoft 365 allows users to access cloud-based productivity tools from anywhere. Microsoft 365 is available in 4 different packages: Personal, Family, Business Basic, and Business standard. The applications and services included in Microsoft 365 packages are Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Teams, Onedrive, Exchange, Sharepoint, Publisher, and Access.


Typically costs $5.99 to $24.99/month.

Sitelock is an extra security feature that automatically detects and protects your website from malware attacks. Depending on your security package, you will receive website scans to find threats and a web application firewall to block harmful traffic before it reaches your website.

How to Save Money on Web Hosting: Tips and Tricks for Budget-Minded Users

piggy-bankAlthough it is a necessary investment for website owners, web hosting doesn’t have to be expensive. Budget-conscious customers can save money on web hosting by adopting these tips and methods without compromising on performance or quality.

Here are five innovative, practical suggestions to consider while learning how to reduce the cost of web hosting:

  • Keep an eye out for hosting companies that provide discounts for yearly or longer-term contracts. In comparison to making monthly payments, paying upfront for a longer period of time can result in financial savings.
  • Consider shared hosting plans, which are sometimes less expensive than dedicated or VPS hosting alternatives. Nevertheless, make sure to select a reliable hosting company to prevent problems with poor loading times and frequent downtime.
  • Use discounts and coupons to reduce the cost of initial sign-up fees while comparing the costs and benefits of various hosting companies.
  • Instead of subscribing to a more expensive plan with features you might not need, choose a basic hosting package and tack on extras as needed.
  • Keep in mind the bandwidth and storage restrictions, and pick a plan that meets your website’s requirements without charging too much for extra resources.

It takes some organization and research to save money on web hosting, but it might be worthwhile. Budget-conscious consumers can find high-quality hosting alternatives that are within their price range by selecting a reliable hosting company, comparing features and pricing, and taking advantage of special offers and discounts.

Premium Web Hosting Plans: Are They Worth the Extra Cost?

In comparison to basic hosting plans, premium web hosting plans are an advanced choice for companies or individuals looking for additional features and advantages. Among other benefits, these plans include quicker loading speeds, better security, and enhanced support. Premium hosting is typically regarded as a wise investment for websites that require superior performance, dependability, and security, even if it is more expensive than basic services.

Consider the following new information when deciding if the additional cost of premium web hosting services is warranted:

  • Additional services like automatic backups and updates, free SSL certificates, and increased storage space may be included in premium hosting plans.
  • Premium hosting companies give dedicated resources like Memory, CPU, and bandwidth, which can enhance the functionality and speed of websites.
  • Some premium hosting packages come with content delivery networks (CDNs), which store website content in numerous places across the world and make it quicker and more dependable for customers.
  • With the help of professional assistance with website optimization and marketing, premium hosting plans can help you increase traffic and conversions.
  • When compared to buying individual services, some premium hosting providers provide customized plans that let companies customize their hosting packages to meet their unique demands.

In summary, even though premium web hosting plans may cost more, they provide a number of advantages that may make the investment worthwhile. To decide whether a premium hosting plan is the best option for your website, take into account the features and resources provided, the degree of support, and the pricing structure when selecting a hosting plan.

The Impact of Web Hosting Pricing on Website Performance and User Experience

The cost of web hosting can significantly affect the functionality and user experience of a website. Selecting a hosting plan only on the basis of cost can result in problems with slow loading times, frequent downtime, and inadequate security, which will eventually drive users away. Contrarily, making an investment in a top-notch hosting plan can enhance website performance, raise search engine ranks, and enhance user experience.

When analyzing how website functionality and user experience are impacted by web hosting expenses, keep the following five considerations in mind:

  • Shared resources, which implies that your website shares server space with other websites are frequently included in less expensive hosting plans. This results in slower loading times and less dependable uptime.
  • More expensive hosting packages frequently include dedicated resources like Memory, CPU, and bandwidth, which can accelerate the performance of websites.
  • The lack of security features in low-cost hosting services may make your website more susceptible to online threats and hacking attempts.
  • In order to increase website security and user confidence, premium hosting plans may include extra services like automatic backups, virus scanning, and free SSL certificates.
  • By making a premium hosting plan investment, you may boost website performance, search engine rankings, user engagement, and eventually, conversion rates and income.

While cost should be taken into account when selecting a hosting package, it shouldn’t be the only one. Short-term financial savings may result from selecting a cheap plan, but performance and user experience difficulties may arise. On the other side, spending more money on a hosting package can result in better website performance, increased security, and a better user experience, all of which will ultimately increase the success of your website or company.

How to Avoid Web Hosting Scams: Tips for Spotting Hidden Fees and Deceptive Pricing


Scams involving web hosting are sadly widespread and can result in extra costs, misleading pricing, and subpar service. Knowing what to look for and how to recognize these scams is essential to avoid being a victim.

Here are five innovative ideas to remember when learning how to avoid web hosting frauds:

  • Be aware of hosting companies that promise infinite resources or provide incredibly low pricing because they can be overcharging for their services, which would cause slow loading times and frequent outages.
  • An inexpensive hosting plan can easily mount up and become significantly more expensive over time, so read the fine print carefully and keep an eye out for any hidden expenses like setup costs, domain transfer costs, and renewal fees.
  • Beware hosting providers who employ pushy marketing strategies, such as immediate purchase pressure or limited-time deals, as these could be red flags of a fraud.
  • Before making a choice, look for hosting companies with a track record of dependability and customer happiness and read reviews from other clients.
  • If the hosting service doesn’t meet your expectations, look for a money-back guarantee that can provide some protection. Nevertheless, check the terms and conditions carefully to prevent any surprises or cancellation fees.

In conclusion, preventing web hosting scams needs some investigation and cautious thought. You may guard yourself against deceptive pricing and subpar service by keeping an eye out for warning indications such as cheap costs, hidden fees, and aggressive marketing strategies. To make sure your website functions easily and effectively, pick a reputable hosting company with a straightforward price structure.


The truth about web hosting prices is that you don’t need to pay a fortune to host your website. Keeping your hosting costs low is quite easy if you understand what your website needs. However, the total cost to host your website will depend on some of the factors listed above and the extra costs.

The most important fact is that you should not sacrifice the quality of your web host by choosing a lower hosting price. You might end up paying more than required to resolve security issues, uptime, speed, and your website visitor’s overall experience.

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HostArmada provides bespoke hosting journeys for all, from beginners to seasoned enterprises, highlighting their top-tier web hosting solutions for optimized web management.
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Често задавани въпроси

What factors should I consider when choosing a web hosting provider?

Consider factors such as uptime guarantees, server speed, storage and bandwidth limits, customer support, security features, and scalability when choosing a web hosting provider. Pricing and available hosting plans should also be evaluated in alignment with your specific needs and budget.

How does the server location impact my website's performance?

Server location can significantly impact your website’s loading speed and overall performance. When a server is closer to your audience geographically, the data has a shorter distance to travel, resulting in faster load times. Hence, it’s advisable to choose a hosting provider with servers located near your target audience.

What is the limit of website visits on each type of web hosting?

Shared web hosting can accommodate between 10000 to 25000 monthly website visits. Once you start getting more than 50,000 visits, you should consider upgrading to a cloud or VPS package. We recommend a dedicated server only if your monthly website visit is between 100,000 to 200,000 visits.

What is the importance of a web server?

Every website needs a web server to transmit data from the website to visitors.

What is Cloud VPS hosting?

Cloud VPS hosting is a type of VPS plan that operates on the cloud hosting environment.

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