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Ценови диапазон

Споделен хостинг 1,79 лв. - 5,42 лв.
VPS 29,00 лв. - 116,01 лв.
Наети сървъри 262,84 лв. - 444,11 лв.
Реселър 45,32 лв. - 226,44 лв.
SSL 8,14 лв. - 34,42 лв.

Data Centers

Награди от Miss Hosting

Ние отделихме време, лично и анонимно да проверим всяка потребителска услуга на компанията. 
Значката за отлични постижения бе връчена на хостинг компании, които покриват високите стандарти за потребителски услуги на HostAdvice, обозначавайки, че услугата на наградените компании е бърза, ефикасна, професионална и преди всичко, полезна. This award is given to hosting companies that have successfully passed our 99.9% uptime test
Georgi Nikolay

Фиксиран отзив

Georgi Nikolay,
Голяма компания може да каже само добри неща за тях
Език за отзив
Skandik Afrik
Skandik Afrik от Швеция,

No hard drive back up

We used Miss Hosting Sweden services because our previous hosting provider did not have some features in the upgraded website. It was a big mistake and miserable experience.
- We received multiple invoices for the same service ev...Вижте повечеery month
- Their claim of website back up is a lie. We lost valuable files after they said they deleted our file because of unpaid bills within two months which we opted to pay. All attempt to retrieve our file from their hard drive till date seems impossible. We had to go back to our previous hosting provider which still have our old website files in their hard drive after a year and half.
Miss Hosting
Miss Hosting,


All our customers has backup on our servers. This client have 5 unpaid invoices which is still unpaid. We suspended their server when the first invoice was 60 days late. We first suspended the server for 80 days during th...Вижте повечеis time we made 60 attempts to email and call the client without any response. After 80 days of suspension and no contact or payment from the client we terminated the server. The client came back months later asking for back up of the server which was already terminated due to 5 unpaid invoices. The reason why the client got invoices on a monthly basis is because they choose to pay monthly, not quarterly nor annually.
Skandik Afrik
Skandik Afrik,
If you have a back up why aren't you be able to retrieve our files from your hard drive?
Regarding the unpaid invoices, we were advised by our legal team not to pay until we get our files from Miss Hosting Sweden which they said...Вижте повече they can not retrieve. However, l need to mention that, the unpaid bill cannot equate to the value of the materials we lost.
Miss Hosting lies without checking the correspondence we have had with them. From their response which l will quote here: “We suspended their server when the first invoice was 60 days late.” We have proof that we were talking to them during these 60 days mentioned above and prior to this the server was down and our mail was working perfectly because it was connected to their server. Out of shear coincidence, our mail shot down while we were in contact with Miss Hosting Sweden. We would like to point out that we were in talk with Miss Hosting this whole time with their representative and had reached an agreement on what was to be paid and when.
Due to inability to receive mail, we raised the issue with them, and that was how we found out that our files were deleted. They came up with a reason that we had terminated our service with them and that was why the files were deleted and they mentioned they can not restore the files.
After several calls to them and they now realised that we did not terminate the service, they now want to use the excuse of unpaid bills as the reason to why the files were deleted by the system, which we had already made an agreement on the amount to be paid and when. They mentioned that even if we pay the invoice, they cannot restore our files. So if Miss Hosting says they have back up on hard drive, why cant they retrieve them.
“…we made 60 attempts to email and call the client without any response” This again is a lie!
Not once did we receive any calls or emails. They have a system that automatically sends out reminders of unpaid bills to clients.
Even after they had deleted our files and said they could not restore it, yet they want us to pay the bill. They terminated the server before the 80 days while still sending new bills for services we did not incur at all. This is how it mounted up to 5 unpaid bills.
“The client came back months later asking for back up of the server which was already terminated due to 5 unpaid invoices.” Once again, this is lie. Read all that has been stated above, we were in contact with Miss hosting Sweden from the onset. There is proof to all of this and will be glad to share it to any Miss Hosting reviewer.

Also these are some of the dates we sent mails to Miss Hosting Sweden challenging multiples invoices sent us within the 17 months (February 2016 - July 2017) of miserable experience we were with them; 12th April 2016, 2nd June 2016, 9th June 2016, 11th June 2016 etc
Our advice to people that have valuable website is that Miss Hosting do not have back up on their hard drive until otherwise proof us wrong.
Miss Hosting
Miss Hosting,

Our policy is to suspend a server for an invoices that is 30 days overdue, during this time we sent several reminders and phone calls to get the clients attention of unpaid invoices with no success. If the client don’t respo...Вижте повечеnd to us we will terminate the server and all it backups. In this case we terminated the server and everything with it after 80 days, during these 80 days we made several attempts to get the clients attention. We do not save backups on terminated servers, the reason for all this was due to all the unpaid invoices that was not paid. This could been avoided if the client had respond to us or paid their invoices in time with us. All our active clients has a full backup of their server.
Nathan W
Nathan W от Финландия,

Slow service, non-working interface

Bought my domain for basic NS that I could point to CloudFlare for DNS handling.

Registration of the domain took over a day, something that other registrars usually do instantly.

Trying to change the NS records it defaults b...Вижте повечеack to their own. Contacted support, but no response so far although the request was sent during business hours.

pricing was most competitive, though (for the domain name), but I'd rather pay 1€ extra from another provider that works.
Miss Hosting
Miss Hosting,
Hi Nathan,

Sorry to hear that you got this first experience with us!

Normally a domain registration goes through in 5 minutes, but in 1 of 1000 domain registrations something will go wrong, this time it did and we apologize ...Вижте повечеfor the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Regarding Name Servers it normally takes 24-48 hours to run through, this is nothing we have power to control unfortunately. It depends on your ISP and how fast they update their DNS servers before you can see the changes.

Best Regards,


Експертен преглед

Bruno Mirchevski
Bruno Mirchevski
Hosting Expert

Малък, но ефективен хостинг

Miss Hosting е малък доставчик на уеб хостинг, посветен на предоставянето на страхотно цялостно преживяване на своите клиенти. Разполагат с девет служителя на пълно работно време плюс помощен персонал, покриващ другите часове. Въпреки малкия брой служители, те са на разположение 24/7 и изглежда, че работят много усилено, за да сте сигурни, че получавате високото ниво на обслужване, от което се нуждаете за управление на уебсайта ви.

Сайтът е добре проектиран и лесен за използване. Можете да намерите всичко, от което се нуждаете, само с няколко кликвания. Освен това те предоставят много добра информация за своята компания, за собствениците, за услугите им и др. В допълнение към споделения хостинг, виртуалните и наети сървъри, те също така предоставят услуги за регистрация на домейни.

Miss Hosting Цени, планове и опции - 2023

Планове за споделен хостинг

Име на план Дисково пространство Трафик Панел Брой сайтове Цена Оценка
Basic 100 GB Неограничено cPanel 1 1,79 лв. 1.0 Подробно
Professional 250 GB Неограничено cPanel 10 3,61 лв. 2.6 Подробно
Ultimate Неограничено Неограничено cPanel Неограничено 5,42 лв. 4.2 Подробно

VPS хостинг планове

Име на план Дисково пространство CPU RAM ОС Цена Оценка
Premium 40 GB 2 x 2.60GHz 2 GB 29,00 лв. 4.2 Подробно
Premium Plus 60 GB 2 x 2.60GHz 4 GB 58,01 лв. 1.0 Подробно
Ultimate 80 GB 4 x 2.60GHz 8 GB 116,01 лв. 4.2 Подробно

Планове за наети сървъри

Име на план Дисково пространство CPU RAM ОС Цена Оценка
Professional 600 GB 2 x 3.40GHz 4 GB 262,84 лв. 4.2 Подробно
Premium 600 GB 4 x 2.00GHz 8 GB 299,10 лв. 4.2 Подробно
Ultimate 600 GB 6 x 1.60GHz 16 GB 444,11 лв. 4.2 Подробно

Риселър хостинг планове

Име на план Дисково пространство Трафик Панел Цена Оценка
Basic 50 GB 500.02 GB cPanel 45,32 лв. 4.2 Подробно
Professional 100 GB 1 TB cPanel 113,29 лв. 4.2 Подробно
Ultimate 200 GB 5 TB cPanel 226,44 лв. 4.2 Подробно

SSL планове

Име на план Опции Гаранция Цена Оценка
Comodo Standard Certificate 0,00 лв. 8,14 лв. 4.2 Подробно
Comodo Wildcard Certificate
0,00 лв. 32,61 лв. 4.2 Подробно
Comodo EV Certificate 0,00 лв. 34,42 лв. 4.2 Подробно
Comodo Multi Domain 0,00 лв. 16,30 лв. 4.2 Подробно

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