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Рецензии и експертни мнения за INAP

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Наети сървъри 233,40 лв. - 414,32 лв.
Cloud хостинг 52,83 лв. - 1 690,58 лв.

Data Centers

Kevin Richard

Фиксиран отзив

Kevin Richard,
I started using SingleHop hosting in 2014. At some point it was acquired by INAP and I recently upgraded my server through INAP. I really like the fact that when I need support I can get a human techn...Вижте повечеician on the phone very quickly. And my service tickets (especially downtime reports) are picked up and handled within minutes, despite the fact that I don't pay for any type of service upgrade.

The response time is unparalleled and I believe this level service is much better than what you would find with a multibillion dollar megacorp hosting provider. INAP seems much more personal and genuinely helpful. More than once I called in and asked for help accessing my server I accidentally locked myself out of and they had a technician plugged in with a KVM sorting me out in very little time.

The speed of their hardware is excellent and their infrastructure is quite stable. I believe there has been one short outage since 2014. I wanted to write this review to let other sysadmins out there know that even though this is not the biggest or most well-known hosting provider, they are definitely worth checking out as I have experienced none of the horrors I hear about with other companies.
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В момента няма налични рецензии за INAP на български, ако сте ползвали техните услуги, моля, използвайте възможността да сте първите , които ще напишат рецензия на български.

INAP Цени, планове и опции - 2023

Планове за наети сървъри

Име на план Дисково пространство CPU RAM ОС Цена Оценка
E3-1230 2 TB 4 ядра 16 GB 233,40 лв. 2.8 Подробно
E3-1270 480 GB 4 ядра 8 GB 323,86 лв. 2.8 Подробно
E3-2620 4 TB 6 ядра 64 GB 414,32 лв. 2.8 Подробно

Планове за Cloud хостинг

Име на план Дисково пространство CPU RAM Трафик Цена Оценка
Linux A 1CPU 20 GB - 1 GB Неограничено 52,83 лв. 2.8 Подробно
Windows A 2CPU 40 GB - 2 GB Неограничено 211,32 лв. 2.8 Подробно
Windows A 4CPU 80 GB - 4 GB Неограничено 422,65 лв. 2.8 Подробно
Linux A 16CPU 320 GB - 16 GB Неограничено 845,29 лв. 2.8 Подробно
Linux B 8CPU 160 GB - 30 GB Неограничено 845,29 лв. 2.8 Подробно
Linux B 16 CPU 320 GB - 60 GB Неограничено 1 690,58 лв. 2.8 Подробно

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