Arvind Singh

Автор: Arvind Singh

Arvind is an ardent individual who never refrains himself from exploring the new technology. He's an experienced WordPress developer and technical writer with a keen interest in web hosting.

How To Install And Use Composer

If you are here then you might have been managing your dependencies manually, which is such a pain, or you are new to this. Either way, a Composer will help you! A Composer is a tool that automates the download of packages. You can tell a Composer the package and which version of it you want and it would go ahead and download it for you. It’s basically a dependency manager.


How to Fix The 421 Too Many Connections Error

Many people avoid logging into the cPanel account of their hosting plan and directly use FTP to upload or download a few files. When there are so many FTP connections from a single IP address, FileZilla starts showing the ‘420 too many connections’ error. In this tutorial, you will learn about solutions for fixing such an error and use FileZilla without any issues. There are two different methods you can use to fix the 420 too many connections error.


How To Installing Maven on Ubuntu

Maven, by Apache, is a tool used for project management and comprehension, mostly Java-based projects. It is based on POM (Project Object Model). Maven can simplify the build process of your project. It might seem like Apache ANT but is a lot more advanced than ANT as conventions are used for the build procedures in Maven, so the only thing that needs to be written down now are exceptions. There are XML files in Maven which describe the project dependencies, the built order, required plug-ins, directories and so on. This XML file is also called ‘pom.xml’.


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